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This article will take a comprehensive look into Mina Twice’s net worth, bio, zodiac sign, wallpapers, boyfriend, and more. Mina Twice is a talented and popular South Korean singer and dancer who rose to fame as a member of the internationally acclaimed K-pop group, Twice. The incredible amount of Mina twice net worth is a true reflection of the hardwork she did to earn this huge wealth she Known for her exceptional vocals and captivating dance moves, Mina has become a beloved figure in the music industry. Join us as we delve into various aspects of Mina Twice’s life and career, providing fascinating insights into her journey.

English name:Sharon Myoui
Mina Twice Net Worth:In 2023: Around $1 million
Age:26 years
Height:167 cm or 1.67m
Known For:Singer, dancer, member of Twice Band
Social Media Accounts:Instagram: @mina_sr_my
Twitter: @twice_mina
YouTube: TWICE M/V
Some Facts About Mina Myoui’s Life

A Brief Biography About Mina Twice

Mina Twice, whose full name is Myoui Mina, was born on March 24, 1997, in San Antonio, Texas. She later moved to Japan, where she spent most of her childhood. Mina’s passion for dance and music led her to audition for JYP Entertainment, one of the largest entertainment companies in South Korea. After enduring a challenging selection process, Mina successfully secured her position as a trainee.

Later on, in 2015, she made her debut as a member of Twice.

Age and Height Of Mina Twice

Mina Twice, born on March 24, 1997, is currently (as of 2023) 26 years old. Her age reflects her youthful energy and the remarkable achievements she has made at a relatively young age. In terms of her height, Mina stands at approximately 5 feet 4 inches (167 centimeters) tall. Her height adds to her overall presence on stage, allowing her to showcase her elegant dance moves and captivating performances. Mina’s age and height contribute to her unique persona as a talented and charismatic member of the K-pop group, Twice.

A Look Into Mina Twice Net Worth

Mina Twice has achieved remarkable success in her career, significantly contributing to her net worth. As of the 2023 latest reports, her estimated net worth is approximately $2.5 million. This impressive figure is a testament to Mina’s talent, hard work, and popularity among fans worldwide. With numerous endorsements, album sales, and successful tours, Mina has established herself as a prominent figure in the K-pop industry, leading to substantial financial gains.

Mina Twice Zodiac Sign

Mina Twice’s zodiac sign is Aries. We know that individuals born as Aries exhibit high levels of determination, possess strong leadership skills, and thoroughly enjoy their freedom. Mina’s zodiac sign aligns with her charismatic and confident stage presence, which has captivated fans worldwide. Aries individuals typically have motivation and ambitious goals. This has been a key factor in Mina’s success in the music industry.

This has been a key factor in Mina’s success in the music industry.

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Mina Twice Wallpapers

If you’re a fan of Mina Twice and want to adorn your devices with captivating wallpapers featuring her, you’re in luck. There are many websites and online communities that focus on offering fans top-notch Mina Twice wallpapers.

These wallpapers showcase Mina’s beauty, style, and charisma, allowing fans to personalize their phones, tablets, and computers with stunning images of their favorite idol. Search for “Mina Twice wallpapers” on your preferred search engine, and you’ll find many options.

Mina Twice Boyfriend

As a private individual, Mina Twice has kept her romantic life away from the public eye. She has not publicly revealed any information regarding her boyfriend or dating history. Mina and her fellow Twice members maintain a professional image, focusing on their music careers and delivering exceptional performances to their fans. It is essential to respect Mina’s privacy and support her in her endeavors as an artist. 

Some Interesting Facts Relating to Mina Twice’s Life

  • Mina Twice was born in San Antonio, Texas, United States. This American origin adds an international flavor to her background.
  • While born in the U.S., Mina spent much of her childhood in Japan. She embraces her Japanese heritage and incorporates it into her identity as an artist.
  • Mina auditioned for JYP Entertainment, one of South Korea’s renowned entertainment companies, and successfully became a trainee. Her journey from trainee to a Twice member showcases her perseverance and dedication.
  • Mina’s zodiac sign is Aries. We recognize Aries individuals for their leadership skills and strong determination.
  • These traits match well with Mina’s successful music career.
  • Mina is fluent in both Japanese and Korean languages. Her multilingualism allows her to communicate effectively with fans from different regions and showcases her adaptability.
  • Mina chose her stage name, “Mina,” to pay respect to her Japanese background.
  • It represents her connection to Japan and adds a personal touch to her artistic persona.
  • Many people admire Mina for her beautiful appearance. Her elegant features, captivating smile, and charming presence contribute to her appeal as a K-pop idol.
  • Mina also has an active presencen on all major social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram. She has almost 4k followers on her Twitter account and 8.6 Million followers on Instagram.
Mina Twice’s Twitter


Mina Twice’s journey in the music industry has been nothing short of remarkable. From her early beginnings as a trainee to her current status as a successful K-pop idol, Mina has captured the hearts of fans around the world. Through her talent, hard work, and dedication, she has amassed an impressive net worth and achieved numerous milestones. As fans, we can look forward to witnessing Mina’s continued growth and success in the years to come. This article highlights some read an updated facts about Mina Twice Net Worth her followers are eager to know about.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Mina Twice’s most popular song?

Mina persevered through a demanding selection process and earned her place as a trainee. One of their most popular songs, “Cheer Up,” gained immense popularity in South Korea and internationally. The song’s catchy melody and vibrant choreography contributed to its success, earning it a special place in the hearts of fans.

How did Mina Twice become a K-pop idol?

Mina Twice’s journey to becoming a K-pop idol began when she auditioned for JYP Entertainment. After showcasing her exceptional dancing skills and vocal abilities, she impressed the talent scouts and earned her spot as a trainee. Through years of rigorous training, dedication, and hard work, Mina honed her talents and eventually debuted as a Twice member.

What are Mina Twice’s hobbies?

Mina Twice enjoys various hobbies in her leisure time. She is an avid photographer and often captures stunning moments on her camera. Additionally, Mina loves exploring different genres of music, learning new dance styles, and spending time with her friends and family.